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Havura Means Fellowship

The Jewish Community Havura is a modern Jewish community in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.


A havura is a Jewish fellowship, often an informal one outside of a synagogue, that meets regularly to learn and pray together. Our havura is open, inclusive, and egalitarian. Whether you're observant, non-observant, or not Jewish at all, you are welcome to come celebrate and learn with us. Our members include anyone who feels at home in our mishpacha (extended family)!

What We Do

The Jewish Community Havura hosts a variety of religious and cultural events throughout the year to bring the progressive Jewish community in and around St. John’s together. From Shabbat services to enjoying films by Jewish artists, we hope you’ll find something to love!

Our History

The Jewish Community Havura began in 2006 with the desire to build an inclusive, egalitarian community for Jews in St. John’s and the surrounding area. Over the years, we have established a range of programmes and services that include diverse approaches to Judaism and reflect a commitment to social justice. Read through our website to learn more about ways to get involved!

We Hope You Can Join Us!

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