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Culture + Study

Learn more about our recurring cultural and educational groups here. To view upcoming event details and to register, please visit our Calendar page.

Queer Torah Study

Queer Torah Study is a weekly Torah study group that launched in January 2023!

Using the commentary Torah Queeries and selected podcast episodes, the group explores different facets of each week's Torah portion and the ways we can relate to them today. Although queer commentaries and interpretations will be centred, you don't need to be a member of the LGBTQ2S+ community to participate. Everyone is welcome!

The group meets each Saturday from 12:00 - 1:30 over Zoom. You can access the meeting link and see more detailed event information using the Calendar page.

Optional materials for each week will be posted in advance on Google Drive. Feel free to join even if you aren't able to view them ahead of time! The main focus of the group is engaging with Torah through dialog and discussion.

For any questions and for the precise meeting address, please reach out using the Contact page.

Culture Circle

Not Currently Active

The Culture Circle engages with diverse works of art, religious and secular, from Jewish creators throughout the diaspora.


All events are low-pressure – we welcome you to join in and connect with us even if you’re not able to read, watch, or listen ahead of time! Our main focus is to enjoy our community and have fun exploring the world of Jewish film, literature, and music.


Our meetings are currently held over Zoom. To see what media we're enjoying next and find the link to register, check out our Calendar page or send us an email using our Contact page!


You can also email us if you have a question or need any help getting connected!

Yiddish Lessons

Not Currently Active

The Havura is excited to offer Yiddish lessons over Zoom! These lessons take place in recurring sessions throughout the year.


Yiddish is a language with German and Hebrew roots historically spoken by Jewish communities in Eastern Europe. There’s a vast world of Yiddish music, theatre, literature, and contemporary Yiddish language communities! Learning Yiddish offers a fun, unique way to explore Jewish history, identity, and culture.

Send us an email on our Contact page to learn about the next session and get involved!

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